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Isabelle(version 2.0)

Our first machine, which we called Isabelle, is a very simple design based on the early CEB machines Ceta-RAM and Cinva-RAM, which were invented in the fifties. It incorporates a simple feature that will allow you to also change the compression added whilst producing bricks.

Brick size
290 x 140 x 120 mm


Sophie is a much more advanced model of a CEB press, with a mechanically automated design that accelerates the process of brick-making.

It produces smaller bricks than Isabelle but at a much faster rate, and with a considerable reduction of the required application force to activate the lever. Therefore the effort required during the brick production is lower.

Brick size
300 x 150 x 90 mm

Compressed Earth Bricks (user manual)

We're currently working on a manual to teach you all you need to create and build with CEB. In this document, we will talk about the kind of earth to use, the stabilizers we can use, the mixes we can do, the dryng methods... and also some tips that you shall not forget!

Rammed earth (user manual)

OnWe're also currently working on a manual to teach you how to build with rammed earth. From the materials you'll need, to the treatment of the earth, to the production of the formworks and the necessary tools... everything you'll need to make your building with raw earth. Be patient, it is on its way!

Bamboo (user manual)

Bamboo is an incredible material. From it, we can make furniture, roofing, cuttlery, jewellery... we can even eat it! That is why we're currently working with experts on the field so that they reveal us how can we build with it in the best of ways. We'll soon upload it!