(Compressed Earth Blocks)

Compressed Earth Blocks, also known as CEB, are one of the many bio-construction techniques. Using the earth as the main material, and having a very low impact on the environment, the BTC is one of our favourites way to build with earth. 

There are many different machines for the production of BTCs. From the most advanced and industrialized, with electric motors, and that produce large quantities of blocks, even more rudimentary presses without motorized traction and with a lower production ratio. However, all presses produce high-strength earth bricks.

On our website, we offer manuals for manual presses. Why? Because they can be produced in a decentralized manner, close to where they will be used and, in most cases, they represent an economic and eco-friendly alternative to the most modern construction techniques.

Since the 50's, the use of these presses has been spreading all over the world, providing high quality and low cost housing and allowing its users to be productively autonomous. The properties of the BTC are, among others:

  • High compression resistance
  • Optimal acoustic and thermal properties
  • High durability
  • Produced in situ and without the need for cooking
  • Nearly zero environmental impact

We are working to publish a compressed earth blocks production and building manual very soon. If you follow us on Facebook we will inform you of all our new publications!