We want to expand
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about architecture with natural materials

About us

We are a multi-disciplinary group of young people, including engineers, designers and architects, based in Barcelona with experience abroad, and currently collaborating in diverse bio-construction projects. Our purpose is to develop diverse machinery and equipment related to the field of bio-construction.

We have gathered our knowledge in the matter in order to create an opensource platform for sharing ideas and information on sustainable engineering and architecture. Our objective is to allow anyone to freely download our designs and, at the same time, upload ideas that help us improve our designs.

By decentralising the production process, we hope to empower communities around the world, giving them a sovereign access to good quality housing at a low economic and environmental cost. Moreover, by letting users build their own presses themselves, we aim to promote small local businesses - to give people the chance to manage the press on their own, benefit from their own commercial activity, and be less dependant on international charity donations.

If you want to know more about our manuals, you can click here, and if you want to know instead abour the projects we're currently working on, you can click here.